V for Vendetta – A Film Review

Back in April, I saw the movie V for Vendetta shortly after its release. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, especially Natalie Portman’s character. Hugo Weaving of The Lord of the Rings (Elrond) and The Matrix (Agent Smith) also stars in the film, though we never actually see his face, as he plays the mysterious and masked V, a man attempting to take revenge upon people who have wronged him in the past. Other stars in the film include Stephen Fry, John Hurt and Rupert Graves.

This last week I watched the film again on DVD, and I was struck by one of the overwhelming themes of the movie. I am not talking about the obvious connections between the world in which V and Evey (Portman) live and the current situation in Great Britain and America. No, I am referring to the issue of overcoming fear that is central to the development of Evey’s character. While I am loath to say much more about this so as not to give away any plot points, I will say that is in enduring torture and solitary confinement that Evey grows into more a fully human person. Portman has been quoted as saying, “Through her imprisonment [Evey] learns to face her fear, and overcoming that fear is important for her own integrity.” Portman, who was required to shave her head on camera, does a fine job throughout the film, even though at times her accent slips a bit. There is also in the film (as there is in The Shawshank Redemption) a scene in which Evey symbolically undergoes a “baptism” of sorts in the falling rain.

The movie is worth watching and I give it 8 out 10 stars.

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