When you are tired, really tired, nothing else matters.  Today I was really tired.

Up at 5:30 after about 4 hours of sleep, I drove my daughter Desiree back to her school before it began at 7:30.  An hour and a half there and same back (with a quick stop at Panera’s for a delicious cinnamon crunch bagel), I arrived back in Pottstown to do my usual work.  At 3:30 I went to the grocery to pick up stuff for dinner.  Got home, made dinner (Asian Bar-B-Que boneless chicken thighs, scalloped potatoes and broccoli), chatted for a moment with Jim and Joy, and then retired to my room for a relaxing night.

I had planned to watch some TV, do some blogging, work on Sunday’s bulletin, and read some. What can I say, I am usually good at multi-tasking.  But none of this actually happened, however.  As I said earlier, I was tired.  In addition to the busy day, and lack of sleep last night, I had also gotten less than 5 hours sleep on each of the previous 3 nights.  It finally got to me.

I sat down in my recliner at 7:00 pm, fired up my computer, and got ready to work and watch.  Five minutes later I was sound asleep.  It was the sleep of the dead, and I didn’t wake up for the next three hours . . . I also got nothing done that I had hoped to do, and now (at 1:01 am) I am wide awake.

What can I say, I was tired, and when you are tired, really tired, nothing else matters.

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