Soon to Be “On the Road”

It is now time to turn in and get my 4 hours of sleep before leaving tomorrow on my vacation/spiritual renewal/friends and family/continuing education week away.  I will have wireless in most of the places I will be staying, so I expect to post regularly and with my nifty new camera, I hope to publish some pictures of my trip as well.

First thing tomorrow I will take Desiree to her school in Tamaqua (We leave just before 6 am in order to get there by 7:30).  After that I will drive about 4 hours to my first stop – one of Pennsylvania’s architectural icons (any guesses? – and not you Jim, since you already know).  Then another 2 hours on the road to my first overnight stop just across the West Virginia border in Ohio.

I am looking forward to the trip, though I am sure I am forgetting to pack some important item.  I have been busy all day getting ready, however, so the likelihood of this is actually pretty slim.

Until tomorrow . . .

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