Photoblog for Day 1 of my Trip

Rather than do a lot of writing about my experiences, I thought I’d let some of the pictures I take each day speak for me. If you click on each photo, you will be taken to my flickr, where you can see and/or download larger versions. If you would like a really large copy of a photo (2560×1440 for instance), just email me or leave a comment below.

I begin with a picture I took almost 24 hours ago of my daughter, the apple of my eye. As you can see, she is chowing down on her evening snack.

Desi chowing  down on snack-March12,2007

Next, we see some large wind turbines off of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They are really cool looking (Jim, did you have a pic of these on your blog during your big trip?)

Picture 033

Next up are a couple of “macro” pics of a moss-covered tree stump and a small tree sprout. You really need to see the large versions of these photos to appreciate them.

Picture 039

Picture 045

Finally here are some pics of the reason I went to Mill Run, PA. What an amazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright was. The house was amazing!

Picture 040

Picture 053

Picture 055

Picture 062

Picture 058

Picture 057

Finally, on my way I ran across a sign for a town, whose name cracked me up. Here’s the sign, with my own caption.

Normalville edited

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