Photoblog for Days 2 and 3 of my Trip

Update: This is my third try to upload photos. I am using my usual blogging software this time. We will see. Previously the pictures were removed by the time the post reaches the blog when I used WordPress’s post writing page. Aargghh!!!

There’s not much to report on my trip these last two days. The picture below is how much of these last two days looked in Ohio. Pretty boring, huh? But that’s Ohio for you.

On the Road in Ohio.jpg

But in spite of this I have had a good time visiting with Mark Newkirk, my best friend from my college days at Eastern Kentucky University. Before I arrived in Wilmington yesterday, however, I stayed at the the Georgian Pillars Bed and Breakfast in Barnesville, OH. Janet Thompson is the owner/proprietor of the B and B. As you cab see from the photos below, this Band B is Victorian in flavor (why are all B and B’s either Victorian or “Country” in nature when it comes to decor?). She was a kind and generous host and I had a nutritious breakfast on Wednesday before setting off to see my friend.

Georgian Pillars.jpg

Georgian Pillars - Dining Room.jpg

Georgian Pillars Living Room.jpg

Yesterday afternoon Mark and I went to see a movie, and today, we had lunch together, Mark went to work and I traveled the 25 miles or so to Yellow Springs, OH, a small town version of “Berkeley, CA, if there ever was one. Yellow Springs has lots of quaint shops and dining establishments, as well as the home of Antioch College (the fourth picture below). I had a delicious “peach passion” drink at the Main Squeeze juice bar, and I picked up Sufjan Stevens album Michigan at Dingleberrys, which I have been listening to all afternoon. My daughter will also be happy to know that I picked up a copy of the new Buffy comic book at Dark Star Books and Comics.

Yellow Springs 3.jpg

Yellow Springs 2.jpg

Yellow Springs 1.jpg

Antioch Colleg.jpg

I ended my adventures today by going to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill for dinner and (the real reason) to access the internet on my notebook computer so I could upload some photos for this blog entry. While there, I noticed that the “b” key on my computer keyboard was no longer functioning (Yes Julie, it is a Dell). I had had a similar problem about two months ago and had to take all of the little key covers off to clean underneath them. I don’t know if this will work again. I may have to buy a new keyboard.

A second thing I noticed while at this restaurant is that Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill is terrible, in my opinion. By this I mean that every available space on the walls of this establishment is covered with TVs – both large screen and small screen. Upon entering the restroom, I discovered that TV screens were also mounted in front of each urinal (I didn’t check the toilets, but they were probably there too). Further, the volume was turned up so loud that I could barely hear my waitress when she tried to take my order. Pity anyone who came to this place seeking conversation. Of course, it is silly for me to think that is why people go to such places. Indeed, when I looked around, I saw that the place was filled with people, all of whom were watching the TV screens. The only conversations I saw were a couple of people ignoring those they were with in order to talk to someone else on their cellphone. The food was lousy, and the automon-like scene before my eyes made me bid a hasty farewell to that restaurant. I will never frequent it or any of its sister establishments again. Well, that’s it for days 2 and 3. I am now going to try to fix the “b” key on my Dell notebook (I am currently using my friend’s desktop, and he only has Internet Explorer). Barring that, I will be calling Dell for a replacement.

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