Photoblog: Day 6 of My Trip – Part 2

Though I am already back home, having arrived yesterday evening.  I still have some catching up to do when it comes to my recent trip.  Hence this post.

After taking some sunrise pictures on Sunday, I went back to Bloomfield, KY (my hometown where my mom still lives) and took some pictures of the downtown.  Bloomfield currently has about 850 residents (down from 1100 when I graduated from High School in 1979), and so the downtown is not very large.  But Bloomfield does have something unique about it.  About half of the the buildings in downtown are now owned by Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife Linda. And yes, I am talking about that Jerry Bruckheimer:

the mega-successful film and TV producer. Just a sampling of his films include “Top Gun,””Flashdance,””Beverly Hills Cop,””Black Hawk Down” and “Coyote Ugly.” Since 2000, he’s conquered the small screen with the hit TV series about forensics, “C.S.I.,” followed by many related series, plus “Without a Trace” and “Cold Case.” Bruckheimer’s foray into reality television sends couples around the globe in “The Amazing Race.”

While I won’t go into detail about how this happened here (you can read more here and here), a few years ago the Bruckheimers bought an old farm on the outskirts of town and then bought several buildings in town and renovated/restored them for their use.  They have also bought my old Junior High School and are currently using it, I am told, for storage and as a place where they and their Hollywood buddies (like Bruce Willis) can shoot some baskets in the gym when they are in town.

The town has never looked better.  The Bruckheimers have really made a positive contribution to the town, especially with the Olde Bloomfield Meeting Hall, which is a family-style recreation center, where children and their parents can bowl, roller-skate and play pool and pinball.

Below are the pictures I took.

Picture 185.jpg

Hometown 2.jpg

Picture 195.jpg

Hometown 1.jpg

Hometown 3.jpg

Hometown 5.jpg

Junior High 2.jpg

My Old Junior High School Above.

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