Photoblog: Last Pictures of My Trip

My Brother Kevin and his wife Rita

Picture 243.jpg

Tim Cook (One of My Best Friends from High School)

Picture 236.jpg

Members of the Vine and Branches House Church in Lexington (Including Kyle Potter-second from the left, and Alan and Liz Creech – fourth and sixth from the left).

Picture 252.jpg

My Dad and his wife Wanda

Picture 254.jpg

And finally, Kentucky’s own castle, located outside Lexington KY. To read more about it, go here and here (go to the bottom of the page).

Castle 2.jpg

One thought on “Photoblog: Last Pictures of My Trip

  1. I haven’t seen a picture of the castle since before the fire a few years ago. It was one of the landmarks we watched for driving into Lexington for years. My hometown (Owensboro) newspaper had a photo and article last weekend on the castle…interesting that you should also blog on it!

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