You’ve Got to Hand it to Her

Today I got an email from my lovely daughter, who is at her mom’s this week.  The background for this email has to do with the fact that about 3 months ago I got a new mobile phone and calling plan, so I gave my old tracphone to Desiree.  It had the equivalent of almost 300 minutes on it at the time, and these lasted her over two months.  However, after two weeks of summer camp at different campgrounds, Desiree has made a great many new friends , including a new boyfriend.  This, of course, has also meant an exponential increase in phone calls and text messages (which is not so great).

Thus this email:

Desiree Humes
to me

I only have 2.8 mins left, don’t call my cell unless you have a suggestion to how I can possibly get more mins. I really need them bad so please give me some

love your faithful daughter,

Note how she both pleads for more minutes while simultaneously asking for a possible solution to her problem, while also pointing out that I will soon not be able to call her.  The topper is her signature line:  “love your faithful daughter.”

Naturally, I got her some more minutes.  What else could a father, of such a faithful and loving daughter, do?

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