Prayers Requested

Please pray for Cathy, Jennifer and Jennifer’s mom.  I was on my home tonight after visiting my daughter when I came upon a car accident that had just happened west of Reading, PA.  Jennifer (I do not know the individuals’ last names) was on her way to pick up her mom to the hospital – her mom was having chest pains.  A cold rain had been falling for sometime, Pennsylvania roads do not have reflective paint for the lines and stripes, and it was very hard to see where one lane ends and the others begin.  Anyway, somehow Cathy’s and Jennifer’s cars side swiped each other, and both were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

I stopped at Jennifer’s car because it was still in the road.  The front driver’s side tire was ripped off the axle and wedged into the fender perpendicular to the vehicle.  She was in the car, calling 911 and her husband, and I stayed with her until he, the ambulances and the State Police arrived.  Neither woman had any obvious injuries, but I told them both I would keep them in my prayers, and I would appreciate any of my readers doing the same.


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