A Life in a 100 Words or So

This was written by my good friend Julie Neidlinger, who will also write one for you for a small fee.  Click here for more information.

Will was born in Kentucky. Somewhere, in the good and the bad and ceilings falling down during prayer meetings, Will questioned his charismatic beliefs, trading them for the Wesley brothers. Through college and seminary, and some prayer and Bible, he became a bona fide preacher, meeting a woman along the way.

Marriage to Cheryl, yes.

Daughter, yes.  “My beautiful Desiree,” he calls her often.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last. So, divorce, yes as well.

His daughter is still the light in his life, despite her two cats. And though he sometimes questions his calling in life, he knows three things:  he is a follower of Jesus, a father, and a pastor.

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