A Hymn to the Trinity

This is a hymn I wrote a few years ago.  The suggested tune to sing it to is “Zlobie Lezy,” which is also used for the hymn “Christ Is Risen.”

God our Father, great Creator,
rules in splendor over all.
You have made this world a wonder;
of your glory, we’re in awe
Crashing seas, their waves are pounding.
Trees and flowers are resounding.
Towering mountains raise a glad song,
as creation sings along

Christ our Savior and Redeemer
lived and died to set us free.
From our sins and death delivered,
we now serve and worship thee.
We’re so thankful for the gift, Lord,
of new life that’s ours to have.
So we give our hearts to you now
as before you, Christ, we bow

Holy Spirit, our Sustainer,
and our Comforter each day,
Fill our souls with your sweet presence;
Keep us on the narrow way
Help us serve God and to love God.
Strengthen us in mind and soul.
Till we always look to you and
seek your pow’r to keep us whole.

God our Father, Christ our Savior,
Holy Spirit, three in one;
You have made us. You have saved us,
and You keep us in your love.
We your people praise your glory,
and your story we will share.
Until all are praising your name,
and you’re worshiped everywhere.

Text: © 2003, Will Humes

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