From My Days at EKU

The following pictures are from my days at Eastern Kentucky University (1979-1986), during which time I earned my B.S. in Psychology, an M.P.A., and worked on a Masters in Psychology.  In particular these photos are from the time I lived on the fifth floor of Dupree Hall.  As you can see in these pictures, I was a lot thinner back in the day.  This is in part due to the fact that I was a poor college student with little money to spend on snacks.  : )


This is me studying, probably at some early hour of the morning.  Yes, that is a map of Middle Earth on the wall, and there are comic books on the second shelf (I was quite the nerd/geek even back then).


This a photo with two of my best friends at EKU (Michael Dunnigan in the back, and Mark Newkirk on the right-hand side).  Oh, those were the days.


2 thoughts on “From My Days at EKU

  1. Those were the days. What memories. Where are your glasses, I can’t remember if you had gotten contacts?

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